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Societe Generale SG UK & US Defensive Step Down Plan 6 (UK Four)


This report has been compiled by Future Value Consultants (FVC), a UK based structured products specialist. The analysis presented here is based on the prospectus, brochure or other literature made available to FVC. This research is aimed at financial professionals as part of their product evaluation process. This research is not intended for investors in any jurisdiction nor is it a recommendation to buy or sell securities. It should not be relied upon for any purpose and no responsibility of any kind is accepted for any usage of this report or application.

The scores and assessments made are based on an objective, consistent, standardised methodology developed and prepared by FVC in good faith using its own pricing models and methods and independently sourced data. However other methodologies or assumptions might yield significantly different results. No recommendation of any investment is made or implied and the user should draw their own conclusions and take account of the needs of any individual investor.

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